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The UK water industry is spending tens of millions of pounds every year inspecting the UK sewer network. The network has an average age of 62 years old! The most commonly used method of inspecting a sewer pipe is through the operation of a CCTV camera being propelled through the sewer system. Lean more about CCTV Sewer Surveying or government policy for effective sewerage services.

In early 2012 CALM Survey Solutions Ltd (CALM) were asked to develop an effective solution. Harnessing the power of cloud computing, Sewer Viewer™ provides a way to fix these problems. CALM’s solution, improves not only the handling of the data but also the quality of what was being received.

Sewer view survey solutions for CCTV storage and retrieval

New sewer piping deployment and construction.

CALM have developed the UK’s first cloud-based solution for storing and reporting CCTV sewer inspections. Named Sewer Viewer™ it is currently being used in UK water authorities to store CCTV surveys when they have passed quality validation algorithms. Sewer Viewer™ allows suppliers to validate inspections to ensure that operators in the field have populated all the critical pieces of data that the water authorities require. Having confirmed that the inspection has been fully completed, surveys are uploaded, with the associated video files, directly into Sewer Viewer™.

  • No more CDs, DVDs and hard drives for the suppliers.
  • No more surveys with missing or invalid data for the water authorities.

Sewer Viewer™ Solution

Every survey the system holds has a dedicated web page that shows the video and job details. Shown are observations of any sewer defects that have been found. All the surveys are online and can be viewed from any device with an Internet browser. They are optimised for use on PC’s, laptops, phones and tablets so they can be viewed directly. Drawing up the vast experience in the UK water industry of CALM Survey Solutions Ltd and CALM Drainage Solutions Ltd we built a system that fixes the challenges the water industry faces.

Sewer Viewer™ is so easy to use it is suitable for field operatives and office staff, even without any training.

We built a suite of reports, which brings analysis of the CCTV surveys in a way that has never been possible.

  • How much silt have we found in our pipes?
  • Where are my structural issues?
  • Where are my serviceability issues?

These are all questions sewer viewer can answer within a couple of simple clicks of a mouse. As security is crucial to the water authorities, our system resides on a secure platform, using fully scalable cloud hosting. National storage ensures that the data never leaves UK shores.

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