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CCTV Pre / Post Jetting visual accountability

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Special projects, mapping the world beneath your feet

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Sewer Mapping

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3D drawings for Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements

Real Time Reporting

Our Survey teams use an iPad and capture all CCTV survey information, which is then uploaded into our Sewer-Mapping system. The information is available for all authorised users to view ‘real time’. All CALM operatives are trained and certificated to City & Guilds (High Risk) Standard.

First Time Fix

Network connectivity of the interconnecting pipes are proved and mapped, describing materials, sizes and falls between manholes, to facilitate modelling hydraulic capacity and performance if required. Where possible serviceability issues, such as root infestation, Fat/Grease and silt are removed.

Confined Space Entry

By using the latest GPS equipment and capturing survey results using our own mobile application during the site work, our teams produce accurate results quickly and efficiently. CCTV survey captures data internal pipe condition of the pipe network to identify all service and structural conditions.
Our team is practised in delivering mapping information. Our extensive experience ranges from providing updates to sewer records to investigating and generating new drainage networks. Survey results can be provided in commonly used applications such as Infonet and Mapinfo or using our own mobile application software solutions.

Up to date and Accurate Sewer Mapping Records

Old Water Authority sewer mapping records are updated on site, which now include all newly transferred assets (chambers/pipes).

Sub-metre GPS co-ordinates were also supplied to the client. The mapped results can pinpoint condition locations.

Real Time Reporting From Site

The client is made aware of any major condition issues, as they are found by our site teams – enabling the client to undertake any remedial works in a timely fashion to avoid any potential flooding.
  • Up to date and accurate sewer mapping

  • First Time Fix – pro-active approach. Serviceability issues rectified on site.

  • Project process and delays visible to all users Live

  • Remedial packages can easily be compiled from in depth final report

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