Pipes with Pollutions (PiP)

Solutions for Pollutions

Pipes with Pollutions (PiP) fulfils a requirement for water and sewerage authorities to eradicating pollution problems they were experiencing in connection with certain Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). The exact pollution problems are not always known and may not be specifically related to the CSO. PiP provides a robust system that can capture all relevant information and enable the authority to identify and remedy issues before they become problems.
PiP is a bespoke development of our Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS™) to make the collection of the additional site data manageable. Our Sewer Viewer™ system is integrated into the application so that video footage and reports could be viewed.

Site Data Capture Solution

  • Staged survey forms to capture upstream and downstream manholes
  • Bespoke staged form ‘Dip Surveys’
  • Capture of silt levels between each CSO and linked manholes
  • Customisation of AIMS to incorporate CCTV footage
  • Tailored asset pages to show maximum structural and serviceability grade pipes
  • Bespoke ‘Benefits’ report for both CSO and linked pipes
  • Live notification of survey completion
  • Live notification of ‘reactive’ work required to repair CSOs and collapsed pipes
  • Pipes with high silt levels were cleaned
  • Potential pollution events were avoided
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