Real-time, in-situ, water meter testing

Meter Check water meter diagnostic tool

CALM Solutions have partnered with Tespar DSP, who has successfully developed in-house, from pre-proof of concept to working product the MeterCheck, a unique, portable, real-time, non-intrusive PDA-based water meter condition monitoring tool. MeterCheck water sector industrialisation applications into leakage detection, and condition monitoring of water pumps, pressure reduction valves etc.

CALM Solutions have provided a data storage system – AIMS to store individual meter information within their AIMS system. This allows further interrogation by our Clients by a click of the button. MeterCheck is the only tool that assesses the condition of a water meter in-situ, in less than 30 seconds, and substantially benefits water companies by:

Maximising revenues by economically identifying under-recording meters requiring replacement, including those under-reading from day one due to ‘infantile’ damage upon installation. Optimising annual meter replacement expenditure by avoiding replacing tens of thousands of old but accurate meters currently being replaced unnecessarily at a cost of tens of millions of pounds. Supporting water mains leakage detection projects by identifying under-recording mains meters.

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