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CALM FloMet Flow Monitoring

Flow telemetry for waste water networks

CALM FloMet Flow Monitoring

CALM Solutions provide industry leading flow monitoring telemetry and SCADA solutions with FloMet flow monitoring. From hardware and cloud based telemetry to corporate system integration, FloMet gives continuous insight into network performance. Communication from in-situ device calculations, allow for permanent diagnostics and monitoring of sensor systems and network assets.

Our flow monitoring devices conform to IP68 standards, making them robust and waterproof enough for extensive deployment. Internal batteries are capable of up to eight years standard transmission use. Additional monitoring sensors can be configured for events such as; cover open, overflow switch, via digital and analogue inputs.

Innovation & Performance

  • Built-in GSM/GPRS modem
  • High performance designed for constraints of manhole installation
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Easy to fit
  • Less than half the size of conventional flow monitors
  • Communication to mobile phone, web server, SCADA
  • Transferable to Excel
  • Receipt and processing of data logs
  • Event numbers and duration with flow estimates

Intelligent Network Management

  • Calculation of number and duration of overflow events
  • More frequent measurement archiving during rainy periods
  • Optimized 4-20 mA sensor management (ultrasound or radar)
  • Data transmission to central system
  • Alert transmission to mobile phone

Meeting the needs of self-monitoring

Robust and autonomous, CALM FloMet offers advanced archiving functions enabling it to monitor Combined Sewer Overflows, to diagnose waste and rain water networks and to provide self-monitoring data.
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