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Asset identification & field intelligence

CALM tags Asset Tagging

Obtaining accurate location and asset specific information in the field can be difficult. Whilst corporate databases can contain a plethora of management details communicating this to all staff can be challenging.

AIMS™ provides a number of quality check procedures that ensure asset location information is as accurate as possible. Linking this intelligence with accurate asset tagging on the ground, completes the loop with the field engineers.

Previous solutions have included signposts; labelling; bar codes; QR codes and RFIDs. These technologies are mostly reliant on the person on the ground being in line-of-sight with the asset. “What if the asset could tell you where it is?”

Once on-site, the engineer has a precise identifier for the asset he is at and further information can be presented from AIMS™ including most recent inspection(s), previous issues; cautions and checklists.

The engineer can be provided with the location of nearby assets (even if out of range of those asset’s CALM tags™), linked assets, location specific instructions, photographs, schematics, 3D drawings, permits & checklists.

For management, the App can have an automated recording that the engineer has been at the location of a specific asset and the time of attendance and leaving (entering and exiting the CALM tag™ range). This can be used for further prompting of the field engineer to verify that site exit checks have been completed. For example; Health & Safety reporting.

Benefits include:

  • directions to a hard to locate assets
  • details of previous issues
  • verification of remedial works
  • access to other surveys; linked CCTV pipe surveys
  • correlation with weather data from the MET office
  • linking to mitigation and monitoring devices
CALM tags™ for asset tagging can be made available at a very low unit cost per asset. Each tag can provide a signal for two or more years. This duration can be extended by reducing the frequency or range of signal broadcasting. Each tag has an encrypted reference for the asset but information cannot be used in isolation. By joining the App with the tag, and filtering on field user permissions, tactical on-site information can be made available.

Used in conjunction with AIMS™ and Sewer Viewer™, CALM tags™ provide on-site insights to the bigger picture for the engineer.

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