CALM is making a conscious effort to tackle plastic pollution. It is evident that recycling is not a good enough solution to manage the massive volumes of plastic, water bottles we consume each year. In fact, recycling is the last of the “3R’s” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – and so should be a last resort. Furthermore, a single plastic water bottle can never be recycled into another single-use plastic water bottle. Instead, it is downcycled into something less valuable, such as textiles, so recycling is not as attractive solution as it seems.
In an effort to make a commitment and difference and align to our corporate values, we have asked our staff to never again buy bottled water when there is a safe tap water option. In order to help we have provided them all with a reusable water bottle. It will take a little forward planning to remember to carry it with them every day, but like any habut, it’s easy after a little practice. The water bottles we are proving are aluminium not plastic!