About CALM Solutions

CALM Solutions is a business combining both engineering and IT professionals, delivering bespoke asset management products based on client’s requirements.

The goal of asset management is meeting a required level of service in the most cost-effective way through the creation, acquisition, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and disposal of assets. By creating bespoke software systems, to provide for present and future customers, CALM makes efficient asset management possible. Such systems include AIMS™, Sewer Viewer™, Pipes in Pollution, STC25 and COPs to name a few.

Each system helps the utility manager make better decisions on when it is most appropriate to repair, replace, or rehabilitate particular assets. By developing a long-term funding strategy, the utility can ensure its ability to deliver the required level of service perpetually.

All CALM systems capture one of the key components of asset management – asset inventory. Information is stored in a Cloud providing the greatest level of flexibility in terms of use and accessible to all operational and management personnel.

Our systems provide an “End to End” solution, incorporating cutting edge mobile phone data capture, validation of data and preparation of programmed asset maintenance strategy. CALM systems also provide the validation essential for regulatory and compliance purposes.

The benefits of our systems include:

  • Better operational decisions
  • Improved emergency response
  • Greater ability to plan and pay for future repairs and replacements
  • Increased knowledge of the location of the assets
  • Increased knowledge of what assets are critical to the utility and which ones are not
  • More efficient operation
  • Better communication with customers
  • Rates based on sound operational information
  • Increased acceptance of rates
  • Capital improvement projects that meet the true needs of the system
  • Improved public and general health & safety
  • Exceeds regulatory requirements
  • Information instantly available to the business
  • 3D drawings of the assets thus satisfying BIM
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