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Manchester airport authority approached CALM Survey Solutions Ltd to assist in undertaking survey work on their existing sewers within the confines of their Terminal 3 building. The aim of the investigations was to plot the horizontal and vertical alignment of the sewers. This would assist in understanding where a new toilet block sewer connection could be made.

Issues identified were

  • The location of the existing sewers were unknown.
  • Sewers were within the confines of the building and special measure would need to be implemented i.e. protection of floors and general fabric of the building.
  • Special Health and Safety precautions were needed to take into account the members of the public using the terminal
  • The airport authority wished to host the asset data information in a system that was accessible to its personnel in different parts of the country.

CALM Survey Solutions Ltd met with the airport authority on site to gather and obtain as much information as possible:

  • A meeting took place with the principal contractor with the objective of gathering as much information relating to the sewers and area.
  • Only an existing plan was available, the accuracy of which was unknown. Following a site visit a pre-survey health and safety plan, including risk assessments and method statements, were compiled.
  • Following detailed discussions with the Client, bespoke site data forms were developed, so that the sewer information could be gathered. The form incorporated photographic records.
  • A sub metre accuracy GPS device was fitted to the camera entering the sewer. As a consequence an accurate horizontal plan could be drafted.
  • A detailed level survey was also carried out to enable longitudinal sections to be determined.
  • AIMS captured the chamber details, which included 3D drawings.
  • Using sub metre accuracy GPS devices the location of the chambers was recorded.

The Results

  • AIMS was developed to include a bespoke survey capture form to gather the information.
  • The works was undertaken and the information gathered, greatly assisted the Client. The information provided Effective and good communications played a critical role in the schemes success.
  • Our Sewer Viewer system recorded asset condition including condition and serviceability.
  • AIMS cloud based data management system hosted the information coming back in from site.
  • 3D drawings generated from the site data. This included proposed connection point of the new toilet block to connect to the sewer. The interactive model not only shows a plan view but when rotated allows the vertical alignment to be viewed.
  • A ‘Facebook’ header page for each asset including location and condition detail.
  • Site data automatically extracted, uploaded to the system and graded to give an accurate assessment of the assets condition.
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