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In January 2014 CALM Survey Solutions were asked by one of the UKs largest water authorities to take over an asset maintenance regime for their Non Powered Ancillaries including their Critical Assets at Risk (CAR) such as CSO’s (Combined Sewer Overflows), Pipe bridges, and Detention tanks. At this time there were over 5,000 assets to inspect and 10,700 inspections to carry out using manual scheduling techniques.

Historic Issues:

  • Assets based over an area of approximately 14,100 square km.
  • 9 full time crews required to carry out the inspections but still a Substantial backlog due to inefficiencies of scheduling.
  • Many assets with poor location data.
  • Very high inspection abort rate of 40%.
  • Different frequencies of inspections required at assets.
  • Different resource required to carry out inspections at different assets.
  • Some traffic sensitive, some require customer appointments, some in very remote areas.
  • All scheduling done manually!
  • Over 12,000 maintenance inspections and remedial actions to carry out with limited resources available.
  • It is difficult to efficiently schedule over such a vast geographical landscape.
  • High abort rates due to skills mismatch during scheduling.
  • A backlog of historical inspections awaiting completion.

Failure to properly maintain these assets could result in major pollution event with far reaching environmental, operational, customer and consequences.

A Calm Solution

CALM Survey Solutions have worked with Europe’s largest provider of dynamic scheduling software to bring dynamic scheduling to the maintenance inspections contract. We have developed our in-house AIMS (Asset Inventory Management System) system used by the water authority to store critical asset information to integrate and feed key information to create the most efficient possible inspection regime. Jobs are delivered directly to the maintenance teams PDA’s giving key information about the job and prompting the user to accept it. Once accepted the PDA seamlessly turns into a Satnav guided our crew directly to the job in the most fuel-efficient way. The schedule is truly dynamic so if we are unable to complete a job on arrival then the next most geographically appropriate job is selected and sent to the device with no back-office intervention required. All this information comes together in our operational control centre in Preston where ops managers can see the status of every team, how long have they been on site, driving time, engineer’s diary for the day so far and next job information.


  • Successfully completed all scheduled and legacy backlog inspections (4,000+) bringing the regime up to date
  • Reduced resource from 10 down to 7 full time crews
  • Carried out 3,000 inspections during quarter one of 2014
  • Carried out over 9,000 maintenance activities at these inspections
  • Carried out 5000 maintenance remedial activities
  • Reduce carbon footprint by over 36%
  • Reduce abort rate from 40% down to 2%

Site Data Capture Solution

– Bespoke design of staged survey forms which break surveys down into manageable sections.
– Validation of information takes place at point of entry to improve the quality of data you receive from site.
– Forms are dynamic dependent upon survey details i.e. 4 chambers = 4 questions sets.
– Lightweight mobile optimised forms which have been designed to work in poor connection areas.
– Form updates can be published instantly to all users.
– Integrated photo uploads.
– Direct interaction with database therefore surveyors have less typing as “static” information is taken from
the assets database.
– Surveys inputs are cached at every stage ensuring survey info cannot be lost.
– Mandatory fields prevent surveyor’s by-passing key information requirements.
– Live notification of survey completion.

Cloud Based Data Management Solution

– A cloud based data management system was built to host the information coming back in from site.
– Site data automatically extracted, uploaded to the system and graded to give an accurate assessment of the assets condition.
– A “Facebook” header page for each asset including location and condition detail.
– Multiple asset search facilities.
– Asset condition reporting at the click of a button including Health & Safety, Condition and Serviceability.
– 3D drawings generated from the site data.
– Unlimited storage to attach surveys, drawings, sketches, permits, operating manuals, etc.
– Reporting function built to client’s requirements “High level and Low Level” priorities.
– Alerts straight from site when an asset needs immediate attention.
– Calendar showing daily productivity of site crews.
– Immediate access to data to carry out QC.

There are now over 9,000 assets in the NP Ancillary AIMS system with more coming on each day and all managed intelligently through a system which gives access to over 150 Water Co users.

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