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North Midland Construction (Nomenca)

CALM was awarded a contract by North Midland Construction (Nomenca) to undertake CCTV investigation of 4400 metres in Carlton, near Nottingham. Persistent sewer problems had been experienced for many years with the repair works undertaken on a costly reactive basis. The site posed many problems including major traffic management, and sewers within private properties. The 8 week contract commenced on 18th June 2014 and was completed on programme and within budget.

COPS launch

An exciting new CALM product – Camera on a Pole Survey (COPS) was launched on this scheme. The innovative system was developed from the client’s needs and to reduce unnecessary CCTV surveys. This system utilises standard static pole cameras that can be introduced into manholes, thus negating the need for confined space entry. The camera is manoeuvred into position to view the sewer to be inspected and record video and still images. This allows silt levels within the pipe to be ascertained as well as, within reason, structural defects to be reported. The information is transferred into our COPS system which produces an automated longitudinal section of the sewer, showing silt levels along its length. It generates an average silt level for that sewer length which is “traffic light” colour coded, allowing clients to decide if there is indeed a need to carry out CCTV surveys. COPS also hosts relevant photographic evidence relating to the manhole including location, cover and chamber photographs. All this information is hosted on a cloud service and available to all authorised users. This proved a huge success and resulted in significant cost savings. Some 88 sewer lengths were investigated using the COPS system with good cost saving benefits.

The scheme also required the undertaking of manhole surveys. Using our bespoke STC25 system, 96 surveys were completed.

Two weeks following completion on site, all site information was within the relevant CALM systems including Sewer Viewer, COPS and STC25. Reporting suites in Sewer Viewer provided structural and serviceability condition of the sewers surveyed, which included an automated remedial list.

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