Asset Management Improvements and Cost Savings


In 2013, one of the largest UK Water Companies asked us to provide a solution to help them to intelligently manage the data and activities carried out on their Non-Powered Ancillaries. At the time, the Water Co were carrying out the asset inspections and maintenance activities themselves and the data collection was being carried out on a spreadsheet with photos then being attached and returned electronically as a PDF document. This meant that the data was not useable in terms of analysis and reporting and led to higher occurrences of Flooding and Pollution events. The site teams were consistently aborting on 40% of their maintenance visits due to known problems such as access issues and poor location data and productivity was poor due to a lack of asset data and knowledge. At the time there were 3,500 assets and approximately 10,000 asset maintenance inspections being undertaken each year on assets which included Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s), Detention Tanks, Pipe Bridges, Non-Return Valves, Flap Valves, Screens and many more…….

A Calm Solution

CALM Group worked closely with the Water Co on a solution which included the design and build of an asset management system (AIMS), together with a dedicated data collection App with built in data validation and quality control. We took all historic asset data from the Water Co and imported it into our AIMS system and carried out a validation exercise to cleanse the data over a period of 6 months from the stream of live data being returned from the field. We then TUPE transferred the existing site maintenance inspections staff into our business and linked AIMS to a dynamic scheduling system to improve the efficiency and productivity of the field teams. AIMS provided analysis and reporting tools which allowed ourselves and the Water Co to get a much better understanding of the condition of the assets and improve the overall management of the said assets.


CALM Group delivered £8 million of savings over the past 5 years on the contract from identifying value types and target setting in areas such as:
– Provision of a state of the art Asset Management System (free of charge)
– Increased site productivity by over 30%
– Reduced abortive visits from 40% to below 2%
– Prevented over 150 pollutions every year
– Brought cost savings from a reduction in back office head count
– Improved permit and asset compliance management (Safety, Health, Environment &                Quality)
– Brought huge cost savings from a managed reduction in the frequency of inspections

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