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A large Water Authority identified significant issues in the asset inventory they held within their various corporate systems relating to their Non-Powered Ancillary Critical Assets. The asset inventory includes CSOs, Pipe-bridges, Outfalls, Screens, Non-Return Valves; in total around 3,500 in early 2012. CALM approached the Water Authority with a solution to improve the quality of the data they held. One that would also give them a much clearer picture of the state of their asset management.

Issues Identified Were:

  • Missing data on corporate systems including location and condition.
  • Wrong data held on corporate systems due to input errors.
  • Disparate data on each of their corporate systems due to these systems not being linked.
  • Difficulty managing the assets efficiently and very limited analysis or reporting of the data.
  • Data was not up to date as new data collection was a manual process.

AIMS Asset Inventory Pilot Study Identified Non-Powered Ancillaries.

  • The Pilot Study consisted of 125 Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) surveys which included the collection of over 60,000 pieces of data manually from site as the first part of the data cleanse.
  • We realised that collecting and managing this data would be a huge challenge for both our site and back office staff due to the volumes and no existing system or processes.
  • The Non-Powered Ancillary portfolio was sitting at 3,500 and if all were to be surveyed then there was a potential for 1.68 million pieces of data to be collected!
  • We realised we had to look at new ways of collecting this data from site, manage the process in a more efficient way and make the data available to the Water Authority corporate systems.
  • We also had to make sure that all Water Authority staff could access and utilise this information 24/7 from any location.

We set about building a web based data hosting system Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS™) and Apps to make the collection of the site data manageable. This also allowed for the automation of the upload of the asset data straight to our system including any photos or video – “Real Time”.
There are now over 7,000 assets in the NP Ancillary AIMS system with more coming on each day and all managed intelligently through a system which gives access to over 150 Water Authority users.

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