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When our engineers carry out underground inspections they take photographs and create a sketch of the sewer from their findings. We realised that if we could produce 3D drawings of their findings then this would help the client immensely. The drawings would enable the client to see first-hand, the functionality of the chamber alongside the report generated in Aims.
What we did

Our starting point was to decide which programme to use to produce our 3D representations. AutoCad was the most obvious choice, however after some investigation we came across Google Sketchup, it seemed to be the the all-purpose antidote to complicated, expensive CAD software. We brought in a team of CAD experts who were able to adapt to the new software quickly. The CAD team can churn out multiple drawings per day which in turn are uploaded to Aims alongside each CSO report.

The Results

The 3D drawings have enabled the client to get a much more in depth look as to what is going on in the underground chambers. Whether it be a simple CSO or a complicated Vortex chamber our 3D drawings give a virtual insight into all the workings of the chamber. Our team can also produce virtual walkthrough’s where required.

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