Sewer Viewer™

Managing your CCTV Inspection Data has never been easier!

What is Sewer Viewer™ ?

Sewer Viewer™ is the UK’s first cloud based storage solution for CCTV sewer inspection data. Water authorities are using the system to share video and related inspections files across their business. No more DVDs and hard drives, no more long delays waiting for inspections to come back from suppliers.

With a comprehensive reporting and analyse suite built into the system, supplier validation tool, e-mail reporting, mapping, mobile optimisation and much more Sewer Viewer™ is changing the way CCTV data is handled.

  • Pro-active management of information
  • Access surveys anywhere from any device
  • Multiple search functions to locate surveys
  • Transparency of information held across your business
  • Automated validation at point of upload
  • Asset condition reporting i.e. all grade 5s

Transparency of data across your business

Sewer Viewer™ offers unparalleled transparency of CCTV Inspection data across your business. Using our simple yet powerful search feature you can easily identify all the inspections by address, pipe length reference, upstream or downstream manhole or any other data included in the survey header. By having such access to the entire library of inspection that have been carried out helps prevent unnecessary and costly repeat orders.
  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to Use
  • No Servers, No Software

Reporting Suite

Sewer Viewer™ includes a full data analysis and reporting suite that instantly generates robust reports on just about any aspect of your CCTV inspections. Within a few clicks of a button you can run reports to show silt levels, meterage completed, structural or serviceability grading’s. You can even run reports to show inspections where a specific defect code has been used. As all your CCTV inspection data is stored in the data library you can analyse data from thousands of inspections within seconds. Sewer Viewer also allows you to analyse your supplier performance, showing how many submissions pass and fail quality control on a week-by-week basis.

Validation Tool

Sewer Viewer™ offers quality control validation written to industry MSCC4 and MSCC5 standards. Before Sewer Viewer™ our clients became used to poor quality submissions with missing or invalid PLR, dates, lengths manhole references, shape, use, material, all input fields that can be missed out by surveyors. At the point of upload Sewer Viewer™ will REJECT all surveys, which do not meet the set criteria to ensure only the highest quality inspections make it on to the system. Suppliers have access to a validation tool, which allows them to upload XML files from inspections before the video; a success/fail report is generated instantly with information of the incomplete/incorrect fields in their submission. This tool empowers the suppliers with the ability to check their own work and bring it up to standard before it reaches the water authority.
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